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The Correct Tire Size for Your Car

The proper tire pressure is an important feature in any car because it determines whether the car will drive smoothly or not. However, to ensure the performance and handling of the car are top notch, it is equally important to consider the correct tire size for your car.

All cars are normally designed with the intention of making all parts work as one system, and the tires are also an important aspect of that system. Instead of assuming that tires are just parts of the car that touch the road, it is important to work with the correct size of…
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Stay Safe On The Road By Keeping Your Suspension In Good Shape

Does your vehicle bounce excessively as you are driving down the road? Do you feel less comfortable with how your vehicle handles? The cause of each of these issues may come from a breakdown in how your vehicle's suspension system is performing.

The suspension system on your vehicle has two primary jobs. The first is to make sure that your vehicle handles well in all types of conditions and situations. The second job is to provide you with a fairly comfortable experience while you are driving. Time will wear down important parts of the suspension system, such as shocks…
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Maintenance for High Performance

How regularly do you take your vehicle for seasonal maintenance? Regular maintenance is a key contributing factor towards the performance of a vehicle. It is a thing of joy when you are driving a high-performing car, like one of our new Dodge Challenger or Charger models. The comfort and the internal gratification is fulfilling.

You can also get to enjoy these if you take your car for regular maintenance.

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Rely on Us for Brake Service Needs

Getting your brakes serviced is important, and you want to find the right team to rely on about that. We are here to be the team that you can trust to use our knowledge and to treat you fairly.

We have been working on servicing brakes for some years, and we will work on your car with all of the knowledge that we have gained in that time. We know what to do to check over your brakes thoroughly. When you let us work for you, we will give you the answers that you need.

You are looking for someone…
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Give your vehicle the tender love and care it needs with a fall service appointment

Our summertime weather will soon be ending, as will all the fun activities that come hand-in-hand with it. If you traveled quite a bit this summer and you're looking to make sure your vehicle is still running up to speed, then scheduling a service appointment here at Don's Auto Clinic is especially a great idea.


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Our team of experts are always ready to help maintain your vehicle. We can check out your oil situation, change it, install new tires, align your front en

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