After buying your new vehicle, you may wonder where to get it serviced and repaired. Do you use your local repair shop or your dealership's automotive service and maintenance centers? Here’s why you should rely on automotive service centers for the repair and maintenance of your new car.

1. Specialist and Expert Services

Auto dealerships employ specialist technicians in their automotive service and maintenance centers. In the U.S., most of the vehicles are sold by car dealerships. In fact, in 2018 more than 16,500 franchised dealerships sold about 17.22 million vehicles. So it makes sense that car dealerships operate automotive maintenance centers to service their clients’ vehicles. After investing a substantial amount of money to buy your new vehicle, you want it serviced by an experienced and expert mechanic. When vehicle manufacturers introduce new models or make upgrades to an existing model, certified dealerships are the first to know. As such, the technical staff of car and truck dealerships is well-updated and more knowledgeable.

2. A One-Stop-Shop for Auto Repair Services

You will find all the car repair services that you need from automotive service and maintenance centers. Whether you need an oil change, air conditioner repair, wheel alignment, or muffler replacement, your automotive repair center can help. It gets better because dealership’s service centers also have auto parts stores that sell original equipment parts for all their car models. Therefore, you need not worry if you’ll find original spare parts for your car. Think about it -- you have a well-trained specialist working on your vehicle using original spare parts and car accessories. Why would you have your car serviced elsewhere?

3. Honor Manufacturer’s Warranty

Suppose you bought a new 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee and you experience some mechanical issues within the warranty period. Instead of driving around your local repair shops looking for solutions, you can just go back to your dealership and have your car fixed at no extra cost. You can be sure that automotive service and maintenance centers will repair your car with maximum care.

4. Easy to Upgrade Your Car

Depending on the model of your car, you may miss out on some features you desire. When you were buying the car, you reckoned that the missing features weren’t a deal breaker because you can upgrade them. When it’s finally time to make the upgrades, automotive service and maintenance centers will have your back. You’ll enjoy two of the most essential qualities of a car upgrade -- professional installation and original parts. You may want to change the tires, spark plugs, back-up camera, or the stereo system. Regardless of the parts that you want to upgrade, automotive maintenance centers will provide you with the best solutions.

5. Your Car Repairs Are Recorded

When you trust car and truck dealerships in Cadillac, Michigan, to not only sell you a new car but also service and repair it, you’ll benefit enormously. First, you get your car repairs recorded. These records will come in handy when you want to sell the car. Even if you’re not looking to sell the car, you’ll have a documented reference for the repairs. Secondly, in case you moved to a new state, it will be easy for you to work with another dealership as your technician will have all the information about the previous repairs on your car.

Ultimately, you stand to benefit more from trusting automotive service and maintenance centers for your new car repairs and maintenance.

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