Dodge Durango Performance Features

When you need a sports utility vehicle that is sleek, fast, and powerful while still being big enough to carry eight people, then look no further than the three-row Dodge Durango. Its 8,700-pound capacity and optional V8 engine make it big enough to carry both things and people from one place to another in large quantities, but that is far from the only great thing about it.

Another thing that makes the Dodge Durango so powerful and safe, and also complements its existing features, is its 50/50 weight distribution. This keeps things evenly balanced on the drive axle whenever you accelerate. This, in turn, complements the trailer sway control, which makes it easy to keep your attached cargo stable.

If you still have questions about the abilities of the Dodge Durango, then come down to Don's Auto Clinic in Cadillac, MI to get them answered by our team of trained sales professionals.
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