Ram 1500 Safety Features

Drivers who are looking for a pickup truck and require only light-duty utility should consider the popular Ram 1500, a powerhouse vehicle that packs plenty of ability into its relatively compact frame. Haul cargo with ease, stretch out in the roomy cabin and enjoy the sturdy construction and cutting edge safety features of the 1500.

High strength steel is the primary component of the 1500's chassis and frame. This tough material means you can carry heavy loads in the bed and also be assured that the 1500 will stand up well in the event of a collision. Airbags guard the front and back window areas and also deploy from the dashboard for both driver and passenger.

The 1500 also features 14.9-inch brakes, among the largest brakes in its vehicle class and capable of bringing both the truck and its cargo to a stop as quickly as possible. Shortening the stopping distance is an integral part of enhancing the 1500's vehicle safety rating.



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