Why Kitty Litter Isn't The Cure for Slippery Driveways

Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves in sticky situations when driving. Whether ice is covering our driveways, making it difficult to back out without sliding, or we steer into a ditch, unable to get ourselves out of such recessions because snow is blocking our tires' way to traction.

In the latter situation, you should consider using kitty litter. It's based from clay, a mineral found naturally in nature, and assists tires in gaining traction.

You should never use kitty litter - or any clay-based formulation - in the former situation. Consider using sand or salt on driveways, as they won't stick to the pavement after they become slippery, a seemingly-paradoxical situation that you don't want to find yourself in.

Salt melts away with water, making it ideal for clearing off driveways. Sand isn't a hazard in driveways, making it good for both situations.

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